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Spanish classes

The present times Spanish is a must-have skill that benefits everyone. LMCL offers Spanish classes of all levels for students of all ages. Students practice speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish. As with all LMLC courses, Spanish tutoring at LMLC comes with a customized curriculum and a high degree of individual attention. Course content is always age-appropriate, culturally competent, and, very importantly – fun!

For Little Learners

Pre-K – 2 Grade

This course introduces young children to Spanish in a fun, nurturing environment. Kids will sing songs, play games, and learn basic Spanish from a native speaker. At our lessons, students will learn basic grammar and acquire basic reading, writing and conversation skills.

  • 2-6 students in a group

  • Each lesson is 60 min long

  • Individual lessons are also available

For Young Scholars

Grades 2 – 8

Intermediate Spanish builds on existing grammar and conversation skills, as well as introducing students to age-appropriate Spanish texts and focusing on written communication in Spanish. At this level, a student should be able to get around a Spanish-speaking country without using English, to start enjoying reading in Spanish, and discovering the joys of watching telenovelas!

  • 2-6 students in a group

  • Each lesson is 90 min long

  • Individual lessons are also available

For High School

Spanish 1, 2, 3

Spanish For Teens follows the curriculum of high school Spanish at every level. Whether the student needs extra help with the Spanish class he or she is taking at school, or prefers to learn Spanish independently, our instructors teach age-appropriate classes that balance challenge with support.

  • 2-6 students in a group

  • 2 or more hours a week are recommended

  • Individual classes are available

For Adults

Age: 18+

LMCL offers Spanish classes of all levels for students of all ages. Whether you are an adult looking to learn Spanish for professional advancement or for pleasure, you will find an appropriate course at LMLC.

  • 2 or more hours a week are recommended.

  • Individual classes are available.

Affordable Price

One - on - One

Individual classes at LMLC
$55 - $66 per Hour

One - on - One

Individual classes at YOUR place
$75+ per Hour

*Depending on location

What Makes LMLC Right for you?

Great Variety of Subjects

Students are able to pick and choose from our large catalogue of available classes, varying from kindergarten to college level courses.

Individual or Group Classes

Classes are available in one-on-one or group format depending on the student’s needs and preference.

Highly Qualified Tutors

All of the instructors at LMLC have obtained a Bachelor’s degree and have had at least a year worth of experience, and all of the language teachers are native speakers.

Affordable Prices

Tutoring costs are pleasantly affordable for most, with group classes starting as low as $25 per hour.

What can we provide for you?

  • New language skills
  • Challenging programs for advanced students
  • Homework assistance
  • Grade improvement
  • Test preparation


Highly qualified and experienced teachers

Small groups

Affordable prices

Great results

Best Test Preparation Center in San Jose in 2015 and 2016


Best Test prep center in 2015


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Best Test prep center in 2016


5 Stars on Yelp


      My daughter began taking Geometry lessons at Language and Math Learning Center a few months ago. Math has always been a difficult subject for her, and she was struggling to keep up in class. Her tutor, Teja Sripada, has been very helpful explaining and practicing concepts, preparing for tests and generally encouraging her. I even received a note from the teacher commenting how much my daughter had improved in Geometry! My daughter will also be working on Spanish over the summer with a different tutor. Olga the owner has been very proactive about checking in to make sure the service was meeting our needs. I would highly recommend this learning center to anyone else out there struggling with math or languages.

    thumb Jeremy C.

      My boys (7 and 9 y.o.) have been taking Russian lessons with Olga for about 6 month now.
    I am very pleased with the progress they are making. I feel like they are steadily climbing up the learning curve. Their vocabulary has expanded and I am pleasantly surprised with their willingness to work with Olga in the classroom and me, when we do our homework. I am emphasizing "the willingness" here, because it was a struggle before, when they were taking Russian elsewhere. We tried 2 teachers before. They were tears and drama before every class. They didn't want to go there, they did not want to do their homework. I feel like Olga found the right approach with my boys and tailored the program to their needs and level, which is while being stress free still challenges them.
    I would definitely recommend Olga. She is very professional, approachable, flexible and diligent. The way she conducts the business makes me believe in high standards of other teachers and classes at her Learning Center.

    thumb Oksana O.

      Both of my kids are attending the LMLC school since September 2017. The owner Olga is extremely pleasant to deal with - she is very accommodating and flexible.
    The additional kudos goes to my daughter's geometry teacher Fedor. It's hard to make a teenager girl enthusiastic about math but he keeps her engaged, which helps enormously to maintain a solid A in 9th grade Geometry Honors class of her regular school.  Thank you, Olga and Fedor for your help!
    I am very satisfied and recommend LMLC to anyone who wants to give their kids a high quality extra curriculum.

    thumb Yelena K.

      I was looking for an English tutor for my 12 year old son.  I found this center on Yelp and contacted them right away.  Owner Olga was able to meet with me right away, listened to my concerns and assigned us a great tutor.  Olga checked in with me several times to make sure I was happy with the services provided.  I am very satisfied with LMLC and with my son's progress.

    thumb Anna S.

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