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Punjabi classes

Would you like to maintain your cultural identity or the cultural identity of your children and join 250 million speakers of Punjabi? Then sign up for the classes at LMLC! Taught by native speakers, our classes offer a direct link to the rich, history-saturated cultures of India.

For Little Learners

Pre-K – 2 Grade

Learning a foreign language through games and songs has proved to be most effective for little students. Our experienced teacher makes sure that all the classes are informative and enjoyable. Bring your little ones to LMLC, and you will be surprised to see how fast they start speaking Punjabi.

These classes are aimed at teaching young students the alphabet and the basic vocabulary and enabling them to start reading and writing, as well as speaking on the everyday topics. From the first class the teacher will be motivating children to learn the language of their parents. The classes will be full of interesting educational activities, such as reading, playing games, solving puzzles, reading and discussing books, watching and discussing animated cartoons, and singing songs.

  • 2-6 students in a group

  • Each lesson is 60 min long.

  • Individual lessons are also available.

For Young Scholars

Grades 2 – 8

Our goal is to teach students to speak, to read and write in basic Punjabi, and introduce them to the Indian culture, history and geography. The kids learn in an encouraging and at the same time challenging environment. A small size of our groups guarantees an individual attention to each student. Educational materials and activities vary depending on the students’ age.

  • 2-6 students in a group

  • Each lesson is 90 min long.

  • Individual lessons are also available.

For High School

Grade 9-12

If your kids already speak some Punjabi and can read and write, we encourage you to bring them to these classes to reach a higher level of language proficiency and learn more about the history and traditions of India. At the lessons the students will read and discuss books, magazines and newspapers, do grammar exercises, watch and discuss animated cartoons and movies and play role games. The books and other studying materials will be chosen in accordance with the students age and level. A small size of the group will allow the teacher to consider each child’s specific requirements.

  • 2-6 students in a group

  • 2 or more hours a week are recommended.

  • Individual classes are available.

For Adults

Age: 18+

Whether you are learning the language for family, for business, or for school, our Punjabi classes, taught one-on-one or in small groups, offer a high degree of individual attention and focus on your goals, your weaknesses, and your strengths.

  • 2 or more hours a week are recommended.

  • Individual classe sonly.

Affordable Price

One - on - One

Individual classes at LMLC
$55 - $65 per Hour

$55 for Elementary – Middle School ( Pre-K- 5th grade)

$65 for High School – Adults (6th grade +)

One - on - One

Individual classes at YOUR place
$75 per Hour

*Depending on location

What Makes LMLC Right for you?

Great Variety of Subjects

Students are able to pick and choose from our large catalogue of available classes, varying from kindergarten to college level courses.

Individual or Group Classes

Classes are available in one-on-one or group format, depending on the student’s needs and preference.

Highly Qualified Tutors

All of the instructors at LMLC have obtained a Bachelors degree and have had at least a year worth of experience, and all of the language teachers are native speakers.

Affordable Prices

Tutoring costs are pleasantly obtainable for most, with group classes starting as low as 25 dollars per hour.

Great Variety of Subjects

  • New language skills
  • Challenging programs for advanced students
  • Homework assistance
  • Grade improvement
  • Test preparation



Highly qualified and experienced teachers

Small groups

Affordable prices

Great results

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Best Test prep center in 2016


5 Stars on Yelp


      Had a great experience with private Korean tutoring. Olga is very attentive and works hard to run an organized facility. My Korean tutor Teresa was excellent teacher and truly cares about her students. Very reasonable rates and overall a great center.

    thumb Anne G.

      Our daughter started taking Russian language classes at Language and Math Learning center last September, one month later we moved to US from Russia (Saint-Petersburg). We wanted her to learn by playing and keep her  having fun while learning to support the huge interest towards Russian culture and language and to provide a smooth transition to a new environment. It was pretty tough to find a Russian language teacher who was not only able to follow this approach without heaping extreme amounts of academic pressure but also was capable to provide a solid knowledge base.
    So finally we found Olga,  the owner of Languages and Math Learning Center.  Olga is very patient and affectionate and has a great rapport with all of the kids. I think its a good reflection on our teacher that my daughter loves speaking, writing and reading in Russian and comes home wanting to share what  she's learning. Also we feel very connected with the school because Olga always takes the time to give us an update on our daughter's progress and achievements.

    Warm and sweet person who really loves kids. Nothing but the absolute highest marks).

    thumb Elena S.

      My 6 year old son was having reading, writing and math classes with Teacher Teresa for the last six months. We couldn't be happier. He is reading independently, his writing and math skills improved so much. Every class Teresa made exciting, engaging and fun, my son was so happy after every single class. She is a wonderful teacher, we would highly recommend her!

    thumb Raimonda L.

      My boys (7 and 9 y.o.) have been taking Russian lessons with Olga for about 6 month now.
    I am very pleased with the progress they are making. I feel like they are steadily climbing up the learning curve. Their vocabulary has expanded and I am pleasantly surprised with their willingness to work with Olga in the classroom and me, when we do our homework. I am emphasizing "the willingness" here, because it was a struggle before, when they were taking Russian elsewhere. We tried 2 teachers before. They were tears and drama before every class. They didn't want to go there, they did not want to do their homework. I feel like Olga found the right approach with my boys and tailored the program to their needs and level, which is while being stress free still challenges them.
    I would definitely recommend Olga. She is very professional, approachable, flexible and diligent. The way she conducts the business makes me believe in high standards of other teachers and classes at her Learning Center.

    thumb Oksana O.

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