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Physics Tutoring

Physics for Middle School:

Grades: 7-8

In this class, the challenging subject of physics is explored in more depth for pre-teens. Conducted by a professor with extensive knowledge and experience, your child’s science experiments and projects from our classes will lead them to explore new questions about science and physics. Fostering a healthy inquisitive mind for physics is essential to students’ later success in this topic. Classes with LMLC will ensure that young learners are prepared for physics in their higher learning institution.

  • 2-6 students in a group

  • Each lesson is 60 min long.

  • Individual lessons are also available.

Physics for High School

Grades 9 – 12

This physics class aimed at high school students is designed to help struggling students find their footing and excelling students enhance their abilities. A solid grasp on physics concepts is crucial to any study in STEM fields. This physics class is not just for aspiring scientists, but for any student looking to develop their critical thinking abilities. Physics experiments and discussions will encourage students to approach problems in new ways and will create a healthy curiosity for the scientific field.

  • 2-6 students in a group

  • Each lesson is 90 min long.

  • Individual lessons are also available.

AP Physics Test:

Our AP Physics Test Prep class is a vital addition to any student’s study procedure for the AP Physics Test. Studying alone can be quite tedious and requires a certain amount of self-direction to be done effectively. There is no substitute for an experienced physics professor to explain and clarify problems. LMLC offers in depth study guides and test prep students looking to ace the AP Physics Test. We review physics topics, conduct practice tests, and review step by step how to arrive at all the solutions.

  • 2-6 students in a group

  • Each lesson is 90 min long.

  • Individual classes are available.

Our classes are aimed
at high school and college students

who want to improve and attain mastery over their physics skills. Whether a student is struggling at the bottom of the class or trying to bump that A− up to an A+, LMLC takes a customized approach to making sure the class is the right fit for the student.

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Challenging advanced students to think in creative ways


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Whatever a students’ area of improvement may be, LMLC will get them to acing algebra 2

These classes are recommended for any 7th – 12th grader, however college students are welcome to enroll.

Every Physics teacher at LMLC has a bachelor’s degree or higher in Physics. You can be sure your student is learning from an experienced professional, as he or she gains confidence in their Physics skills.


1:  Kinematics
2:  Dynamics
3:  Circular Motion and Gravitation
4:  Energy
5:  Momentum
6:  Simple Harmonic Motion
7:  Torque and Rotational Motion
8:  Electric Charge and Electric Force
9:  DC Circuits
10:  Mechanical Waves and Sound


will learn problem solving strategies as well as the critical thinking necessary to succeed with Algebra 2. From Polynomials to Parabolas, our students not only learn math formulas, but also understand their practical meaning by mastering word problems.

Our instructors

pay special attention to the Algebra 2 Common Core Requirements, ensuring that every student will be on the same page as his or her school mates and soon enough surpasses them.

We offer sessions one-on-one and in small groups of
up to six students.
With this approach, the
instructor is able to assess each student’s level and
tailor the class to fit each student’s needs.

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$29 – $35 per hour

Group Classes

Group classes at LMLC



* Depending on the group size

$50 – $55 per hour


Individual classes at LMLC



$55 for Elementary – Middle School
$66 for High School – Adults

 $75+ per hour


Individual classes at your place



*Depending on location

Please, contact us for the schedule

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      My daughter began taking Geometry lessons at Language and Math Learning Center a few months ago. Math has always been a difficult subject for her, and she was struggling to keep up in class. Her tutor, Teja Sripada, has been very helpful explaining and practicing concepts, preparing for tests and generally encouraging her. I even received a note from the teacher commenting how much my daughter had improved in Geometry! My daughter will also be working on Spanish over the summer with a different tutor. Olga the owner has been very proactive about checking in to make sure the service was meeting our needs. I would highly recommend this learning center to anyone else out there struggling with math or languages.

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      My 6 year old son was having reading, writing and math classes with Teacher Teresa for the last six months. We couldn't be happier. He is reading independently, his writing and math skills improved so much. Every class Teresa made exciting, engaging and fun, my son was so happy after every single class. She is a wonderful teacher, we would highly recommend her!

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      Had a great experience with private Korean tutoring. Olga is very attentive and works hard to run an organized facility. My Korean tutor Teresa was excellent teacher and truly cares about her students. Very reasonable rates and overall a great center.

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      My boys (7 and 9 y.o.) have been taking Russian lessons with Olga for about 6 month now.
    I am very pleased with the progress they are making. I feel like they are steadily climbing up the learning curve. Their vocabulary has expanded and I am pleasantly surprised with their willingness to work with Olga in the classroom and me, when we do our homework. I am emphasizing "the willingness" here, because it was a struggle before, when they were taking Russian elsewhere. We tried 2 teachers before. They were tears and drama before every class. They didn't want to go there, they did not want to do their homework. I feel like Olga found the right approach with my boys and tailored the program to their needs and level, which is while being stress free still challenges them.
    I would definitely recommend Olga. She is very professional, approachable, flexible and diligent. The way she conducts the business makes me believe in high standards of other teachers and classes at her Learning Center.

    thumb Oksana O.

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