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English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language

ESL Programs for Kids and Adults




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English as a Second Language (ESL)



Pre-K – K
  • 2-6 people in a group
  • Each lesson is 60 min
  • Individual classes are available

Children aged 4-6, whether they are new immigrants or have simply been raised in a household with a different primary language, learn English in a fun, nurturing environment. Classes incorporate songs, picture books, games, flashcards, and art projects. Kids acquire English vocabulary and conversation skills, learn that English is fun, and feel more comfortable and confident in preschool, kindergarten, or first grade. Small group classes are recommended for this age.

Children aged 6-12 face a stressful transition when they enter an English-speaking classroom for the first time. Our joyful and informative classes help them get comfortable with English in a fun setting. Students play games, make up stories, read, write, and work on their grammar, vocabulary, and conversation skills.


Grades 1 – 6

  • 2-6 people in a group
  • Each lesson is 90 min
  • Individual classes are available


Grades 7-12

  • 2-6 people in a group
  • 2+ hours a week are recommended
  • Individual classes are available

Teenagers working on English acquisition have a daunting challenge before them. The teen world of academics, extra-curricular activities, and social life is hard enough to navigate in their first language, let alone while learning a new one. In LMLC’s ESL program, teenagers of any level work on their speaking, reading, grammar and comprehension, and vocabulary, with special attention paid to subject-specific, academic vocabulary they’ll need to thrive.

LMLC offers ESL classes for adults of all levels. Whether you are starting from scratch, approaching fluency, or just looking to perfect your grammar and expand your vocabulary, LMLC’s classes can help you achieve your English language learning goals. Our individualized approach targets your needs in order to help you successfully communicate in your personal and professional life. If you are looking to improve your English for work, there is a special focus on the jargon and vocabulary necessary in your industry. Individual and group classes are available. Two hours a week are recommended.


Age: 18+

  • 2-6 people in a group
  • 2+ times a week are recommended
  • Individual classes are available

Affordable Price

One - on - One

Individual classes at LMLC
$55 - $66 per Hour

$55 for kids (Pre-K – 5th)

$66 for 6th grade+ and adults

One - on - One

Individual classes at YOUR place
75+ per Hour

*Depending on location

What Makes LMLC Right for you?

Great Variety of Subjects

Students are able to pick and choose from our large catalogue of available classes, varying from kindergarten to college level courses.

Individual or Group Classes

Classes are available in one-on-one or group format, depending on the student’s needs and preference.

Highly Qualified Tutors

All of the instructors at LMLC have obtained a Bachelor’s Degree and have had at least a year’s worth of experience, and all of the language teachers are native speakers.

Affordable Prices

Tutoring costs are pleasantly obtainable for most, with group classes starting as low as 25 dollars per hour.

What can we provide for you?

  • New language skills
  • Challenging programs for advanced students
  • Homework assistance
  • Grade improvement
  • Test preparation


Highly qualified and experienced teachers

Small groups

Affordable prices

Great results

Best Test Preparation Center in San Jose in 2015 and 2016


Best Test prep center in 2015


Best Math Tutors in San Jose 2016


Best Math Tutors in San Jose 2018


Best Test prep center in 2016


5 Stars on Yelp


      My six-year-old daughter has been learning Russian at the Center for over a year now. The best indicator for me of the success of the teacher is how eager the students are to come to the class. If my child keeps asking during summer break "when are we going back to Olga?", I consider it a big deal. At the Center, kids learn through games in a no pressure engaging environment and manage to cover a lot! My daughter's Russian reading skills significantly boosted her ability to start reading in English. We definitely would gladly recommend this Center as a great place to learn to read write and speak Russian. I wish we can take more classes there but our current schedule only allows one.

    thumb Zoya L.

      My daughter began taking Geometry lessons at Language and Math Learning Center a few months ago. Math has always been a difficult subject for her, and she was struggling to keep up in class. Her tutor, Teja Sripada, has been very helpful explaining and practicing concepts, preparing for tests and generally encouraging her. I even received a note from the teacher commenting how much my daughter had improved in Geometry! My daughter will also be working on Spanish over the summer with a different tutor. Olga the owner has been very proactive about checking in to make sure the service was meeting our needs. I would highly recommend this learning center to anyone else out there struggling with math or languages.

    thumb Jeremy C.

      My daughter attends the LMLC school specifically for math and English.  I've seen her grades improve over time.  Both teachers are excellent and very patient with her.  The owner is always willing to help and is proactive with checking in to make sure that all is well.  I would definitely recommend this school to those that are looking to help improve their kids grades.

    thumb Cindy P.

      Had a great experience with private Korean tutoring. Olga is very attentive and works hard to run an organized facility. My Korean tutor Teresa was excellent teacher and truly cares about her students. Very reasonable rates and overall a great center.

    thumb Anne G.

How to find us

Phone: (408) 596-1270

E-Mail: info@langmath.com

Adress: 650 N Winchester Blvd #2, San Jose, CA 95128