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Chess classes

Chess Classes

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Chess Classes

Chess is fun, and playing the game teaches responsibility, improves discipline, and sharpens thinking  skills. It also builds confidence and helps young people make new friends. Colleges and universities often look at constructive extra-curricular activities such as chess when deciding between scholarship candidates. Chess exercises both the creative right-brain and the logical left-brain, making it the perfect activity to strengthen reasoning and innovation skills. As you progress in the field of chess, your mental abilities excel, and you will notice daily obstacles become increasingly simple to figure out.

Whether you’re an aspiring Grandmaster or a complete novice, LMLC has the class for you.

About Instructor:

  • Certified Chess Coach
  • FIDE Certified Instructor
  • USCF Certified Tournament Director

Our chess instructor has many years of experience working with children of all ages and levels and always offers a structured program that is both educational and fun.

Chess is perfect for all ages: young and old. Children can take the class and delve into the exciting battle of wits here at LMLC. High schoolers will find chess to be an ideal hobby in which to make new friends and build professional relationships as they are aided by our instructors. Adults can brush up on their previous skills or learn how to challenge their friends and outplay them with ease. The deduction and intuition experience that chess teaches play a considerable role towards success at all stages of life, and that is why, we welcome players of all ages and levels.

Group classes

Age:   5 y.o. – 8 y.o.

Age: 9 y.o – 12.y.o

Age: 13 – 16

Age: 16 +

Levels: Beginning




Groups are formed in accordance with the players’ age and level and can comprise up to 8 students. At the lessons, the students learn the theory of the game and acquire practice skills. Kids can additionally play in rated tournaments conducted at LMLC every 3-4 weeks.

Whether you’re a longtime chess lover or just discovering the game for the first time,give yourself or your child the gift of intelligence –

Call LMLC and schedule a chess class today!


Tuition: $35 per student for a 75min class

One time  annual registration fee is $50 per person or $70 per family.

Payment is made in advance for a 2 month session


Individual classes are also available at $50 per hour



Give yourself or your child the gift of intelligence – call LMLC and schedule a chess class today. Whether you’re an aspiring Grandmaster or a complete novice, we have an instructor for you.


Group classes take place on Saturday. The class time depends on the age and level of the students. Individual classes are schdueled in accordance with the student and tutor’s availability.


Please, contact us for details:




We are proud to conduct US Chess Federation rated blitz and regular Tournaments at our Center on a regular basis – every 3-4 weeks. The tournaments are open for everyone!  To participate in our tournaments, you do not need to take classes at our Center. Any players of all ages and levels are welcome. The winners get special awards (chess trophies, medals or chess books)


Each tournament comprises a regular 30-min game USCF rated tournament and a Blitz (5-min game) rated tournament with prizes



Regular tournament: $30

Blitz tournament fee: $17

or $45 – for both tournaments

Siblings get a 10% discount.


The USCF annual membership fee:  $17.          

To participate in a tournament every participant must be a current member of the USCF. The membership fee can be paid once a year directly to the USCF or may be included to the tournament registration at LMLC

Please, contact us to register to the next Tournament!

Our Chess Classes


Highly qualified and experienced teachers

Small groups

Affordable prices

Great results

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      Both of my kids are attending the LMLC school since September 2017. The owner Olga is extremely pleasant to deal with - she is very accommodating and flexible.
    The additional kudos goes to my daughter's geometry teacher Fedor. It's hard to make a teenager girl enthusiastic about math but he keeps her engaged, which helps enormously to maintain a solid A in 9th grade Geometry Honors class of her regular school.  Thank you, Olga and Fedor for your help!
    I am very satisfied and recommend LMLC to anyone who wants to give their kids a high quality extra curriculum.

    thumb Yelena K.

      My daughter attends the LMLC school specifically for math and English.  I've seen her grades improve over time.  Both teachers are excellent and very patient with her.  The owner is always willing to help and is proactive with checking in to make sure that all is well.  I would definitely recommend this school to those that are looking to help improve their kids grades.

    thumb Cindy P.

      My son has been going to LMLC since fall of 2018, he loves it.  

    The teachers are wonderful and his English skills have improved tremendously.  

    Ms. Olga has been very accommodating.  

    I've referred this place to many of our families and friends! Keep up the good work LMLC!

    thumb Loan Y.

      My 6 year old son was having reading, writing and math classes with Teacher Teresa for the last six months. We couldn't be happier. He is reading independently, his writing and math skills improved so much. Every class Teresa made exciting, engaging and fun, my son was so happy after every single class. She is a wonderful teacher, we would highly recommend her!

    thumb Raimonda L.

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