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French classes

LMCL’s French classes, taught by a native speaker, are perfect for anyone looking to study the language of romance and culture. French art, French novels, French poetry, French film, and the beauty of the French language have captivated students throughout history. LMLC’s French classes, whether in small groups or one-on-one, can help you capture the magic of French with individualized curriculums and a high level of instructor attention.


For Little Learners

Pre-K – 2 Grade

These classes, aimed at 4-5-year-old kids make French fun for young learners. Our instructors teach French through songs, games, and basic lessons that welcome kids into the world of learning a foreign language. Students learn basic grammar and conversation skills and start expressing themselves in French. Games,poems & songs are part of LMLC’s French tutoring from day one.

  • 2-6 students in a group

  • Each lesson is 60 min long.

  • Individual lessons are also available.

For Young Scholars

Grades 2 – 8

Beginning French students will learn simple vocabulary to talk about subjects, such as food, friends, fun, and asking for directions. Important grammar lessons include: gendered nouns, present tense and past tense conjugation.

Intermediate French builds on existing skills, introducing students to more French culture and French writing & reading. A wide variety of vocabulary topics are covered, and students learn and practice verb tenses, including the imperfect & future.

Advanced French drives towards fluency by introducing students to the subjunctive and conditional tenses and advanced vocabulary subjects. Students enjoy and understand French literature and work on their writing. Advanced French is also available for native speakers of French who need to polish their grammar skills and keep their skills sharp.

  • 2-6 students in a group

  • Each lesson is 90 min long.

  • Individual lessons are also available.

For High School

French 1, 2, 3

French For Teens follows the curriculum of high school French to help students take their language skills to the next level, whether your teen takes French at school or not. Students gain  vocabularies, learn & perfect their grammar, spoken French, reading, writing & comprehension.

Also we offer:

  • Homework help
  • AP French
  • SAT II preparation
  • 2-6 students in a group

  • 2 or more hours a week are recommended.

  • Individual classes are available.

For Adults

Age: 18+

LMLC offers high quality classes on conversational and business French for adults of all ages and levels.

  • 2 or more hours a week are recommended.

  • Individual classes only.

Affordable Price

One - on - One

Individual classes at LMLC
$50 - $55 per Hour

$50 for Elementary – Middle School

$55 for High School – Adults

One - on - One

Individual classes at YOUR place
$60 - $70 per Hour

*Depending on location

What Makes LMLC Right for you?

Great Variety of Subjects

Students are able to pick and choose from our large catalogue of available classes, varying from kindergarten to college level courses.

Individual or Group Classes

Classes are available in one-on-one or group format, depending on the student’s needs and preference.

Highly Qualified Tutors

All of the instructors at LMLC have obtained a bachelors degree and have had at least a year worth of experience, and all of the language teachers are native speakers.

Affordable Prices

Tutoring costs are pleasantly obtainable for most, with group classes starting as low as 25 dollars per hour.

What can we provide for you?

  • New language skills
  • Challenging programs for advanced students
  • Homework assistance
  • Grade improvement
  • Test preparation


Highly qualified and experienced teachers

Small groups

Affordable prices

Great results

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