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LMLC’s has enriching, engaging English classes for students of every grade level. With the introduction of the Common Core, English standards have shifted at schools across California. Reading now has a cross-curricular focus, and vocabulary words are learned in context, not isolation.


The English language is a practical skill, which each student uses daily, and the effects of falling behind in this area can be far-reaching. Without reading comprehension and writing skills, students struggle in every class.


LMLC’s English tutoring is based on your student’s needs. Each individual student or small group has a unique curriculum, and this curriculum always takes Common Core standards into account.

Classes for Young Learners

Pre-K – 1st Grade

  • 2-6 people in a group
  • Each lesson is 60 min
  • Individual classes are available

In the early years of a child’s education, the primary goal is basic literacy. We work with your student to build skills in phonics and sight words and begin reading confidently. Your young reader will answer grade-appropriate reading comprehension questions, and start becoming comfortable with words that can have multiple meanings depending on context.

Pencil skills and early writing are a key part of a young student’s language skills. Together, we will make up stories, trace words and sentences, and learn about proper capitalization and punctuation. We introduce concepts like antonyms/synonyms and plural words, and learn about the basic building blocks that make up sentences, and then how to make them all agree.

As students grow a little older, literacy becomes more complex. LMLC’s instructors work extensively on learning how to answer comprehension questions that involve extrapolating to include information not directly mentioned in the text and making cause and effect relationships between events within the text. Students must learn the different components of literary writings, and begin analyzing how they interact — a challenging task made easier by the guidance of a qualified instructor.


Vocabulary words become more challenging each year, and LMLC’s tutors make sure that new words are fully integrated into your child’s vocabulary. Working on concepts like suffixes, prefixes, roots, and compound words — and of course, context clues — assures that students have the necessary tools to decipher unknown words that they encounter in the wild.

Writing is more advanced and has structure. LMLC’s English tutoring helps students become comfortable with the five-sentence paragraph and eventually, the five-paragraph essay. Punctuation and fluency in the verb tenses is a key focus for this age group. With the high degree of attention your child receives at LMLC’s English classes, your student’s writing can begin to have a sense of flow and style.

Classes for Elementary School Students

2nd – 5th Grades

  • 2-6 people in a group
  • Each lesson is 90 min
  • Individual classes are available

Classes for Middle School Students

6th – 8th Grades

  • 2-6 people in a group
  • 2+ hours a week are recommended
  • Individual classes are available

Middle school students face a challenging transition, both socially and academically. Literacy at a middle school level involves using and comprehending figurative language, discerning connotation and denotation, and mastering challenging grammatical concepts like verbals. Fortunately, individual or small group English classes at LMLC can help your child understand and use these new tools to enrich both writing and reading literature and informational texts.


With the help of an LMLC instructor, your student will master sentence types and learn how to vary them in his or her writing. Structure — understanding how different pieces of writing are organized, and how this organization affects their meaning — is key at a middle school level. This is an area in which many students struggle well into high school, and the high level of attention your student will receive from an LMLC tutor can help overcome this challenge.


Middle school students must learn how to break down arguments, both in their own writing and in the writing of others. Main ideas and supporting details are just the beginning — students must understand why some arguments are persuasive, and how ideas develop over the course of a text.

This time is a crucial foundation for high school, and LMLC’s instructors can help make sure your child is in strong shape for the future.

In high school, students must understand all manner of figurative language, and also be able to discern an author’s tone and point of view. When reading, they are expected to be able to identify the syntactic, linguistic, and stylistic elements that make a piece of writing beautiful — and also how they contribute to its meaning. When writing, they should have flawless grammar and spelling — and also smooth transitions.

High school English has so many elements, and the ultimate goal is for your student to graduate prepared to take on any reading or writing challenge college throws at them, from reading academic papers, to writing ten-page essays, to reading (and understanding) both complex pieces of literature and complex science textbooks.

Classes for High School Students

 9th – 12th Grades


  • Group classes for 2-6 student may be formed upon request
  • 2 hours a week are recommended
  • Individual classes are available

SAT preparation

  • 2-6 people in a group
  • 2+ hours a week are recommended
  • Individual classes are available

The new SAT is the culmination of everything your student has learned in an education defined by the Common Core. The SAT is a daunting task, intimidating to students for both its four hour testing time and its fearsome reputation.


LMLC’s English SAT prep covers all of the skills set out in the New SAT, from conjunctive adverbs to words with multiple meanings to analytical reading of literary, scientific, historical, and social science texts. The small group classes also go over test-taking strategies and help build confidence.

More information: SAT Classes

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